Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hourly Comic Day

It's time once again for Hourly Comic Day! On February 1, cartoonists around the world will draw a journal comic for each hour they are awake. Here's the skinny from Hourly Comic inventor John Campbell:


-for every hour that you are awake on february first (that's february first for whatever time zone you happen to be in), you make a comic describing something about the past hour. maybe you ate some cereal? maybe you used the restroom?

-say you wake up at 7am. make a comic some time before it becomes 8am! then after 8am, make a comic before it becomes 9am! it is pretty simple.

-when you are done, scan the comics in and post them on the message board (this year's will be HERE, and previous years went HERE and HERE.) , so we can all look at each other's days. i think that will be neat!"


Friday, January 25, 2008

Free Stuff Maybe We Can Use

I just wanted to post a few FREE tools that have come up recently, since they might be of use to hard-working (penny-pinching) comics creators:

  • http://bananalbum.com/ = A graphics portfolio tool currently in vogue with the Cowboy Orange gang. It gives a lovely smooth presentation of your graphics, but is it searchable by other sites?
  • http://www.digication.com/ = Online portfolios, mostly used by art schools and for some other educational applications. Potentially good for clear, simple, easily navigable graphical presentations.
  • http://www.google.com/analytics/ = This is some really cool site traffic software! You sign up, add some code to your site's pages, then sit back and watch your visitors crawl around... They'll also help you set "goal" pages that you want to make sure people tend to visit. Intriguing for the online promotion biz! (Alec Longstreth blogged it recently, so you know it's the real thing.)
  • http://www.google.com/calendar/ = I just have to mention this, too. Colin's right. It's awesome.

I'm interested in these sorts of tools, because they could be really useful for community groups and schools and kids who want to promote and publish their grassroots comics efforts.

What are some other tools out there that we should know about?

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Hilary Price Book Event; Website Reconstruction

Western Massachusetts cartoonist Hilary Price will present her new book Pithy Seedy Juicy Pulpy at Broadside Books in Northampton, MA at 7pm on Tuesday, January 22. The book compiles many of her syndicated Rhymes With Orange strips, along with a mighty multitude of extras.

The Trees & Hills Comics Distro is under reconstruction; unrelated troubles caused some delays, but I'm hoping to have it finished and up to date soon (maybe within a week or so). When that's done, I'll begin work on the main site. Marek Bennett has been bubbling and frothing (so to speak) with blogging ideas, so the new, not-yet-entirely-settled-upon look will be more of a change than originally planned. If you have any suggestions, send them to treesandhills at gmail dot org.

Megan Baehr also recently redesigned her website, hopping on the WordPress bandwagon. Where will this madness end?!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a nice 2008 so far. Marek Bennett has redesigned his website around the popular Wordpress blogging platform, and now has individual feeds for Mimi's Doughnuts and his comics workshops. You may notice several of those entries in the trusty T&H Blogwatch Box right here; that's because sometimes when you add a new feed to Google Reader, it treats all the existing posts as brand new. C'est la vie...

The Trees & Hills website is due for a makeover as well. I'll be working on this, also using Wordpress, and hope to have it done this month. I think I am going to convert the distro first, then the rest of the site. As with any construction project, things may go wonky for a little while, so please bear with us. It'll be much nicer in the end, though!